Welcome to the online VCWPD Field Manual. This is a living document, so suggestions and changes are encouraged. Please direct them to tommy.liddell@ventura.org.

This manual uses the following protocol:

  • Programs (e.g., Hydstra)
  • Buttons/commands (e.g., Start Capture)
  • Displays/readouts (e.g., Copy .NEW To Card)

Data downloaded from field equipment is often stored on media such as USB keys, PCMCIA cards or other temporary devices. It is recommended that this data be immediately copied into a specific data folder on the hydrographer’s laptop to facilitate data completeness and security, and to expedite data transfer into Hydstra.

General Steps for Servicing Rainfall Gauges

  1. Fill out entry in Rain Gage Site Visits (current)
  2. Copy data from ML1, as described here
  3. Clean TB-3, as described here
  4. If applicable, measure depth to oil in standard gauge, as described here 

General Steps for Servicing Stream Gauges

  1. Fill out initial fields on front sheet
  2. Record stage, voltage, minimum voltage, maximum voltage and system resets, then clear system resets
  3. Perform discharge measurement if at full record site
  4. Copy .NEW or .WRP file to temporary media and then erase (only .NEW file unless at end of water year), as described here
  5. Check desiccant (should be blue, not pink)
  6. Manually purge bubbler line
  7. Before leaving site, make sure H-350XL scanning is still on