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SonTek FlowTracker – Transfer Data

  1. Connect unit to computer using 5-pin cable and serial connection (with or without USB adapter)
  2. Press yellow power button to turn unit on
  3. Open SonTek FlowTracker program
  4. Press Connect to a FlowTracker
  5. On Connect to serial port dialog box, select proper COM port and confirm Baud rate: 9600
  6. Press Connect
  7. Press Recorder; dialog box opens
  8. Select files for download (e.g., 800A0806.15)
  9. Press Browse to navigate to destination folder (e.g., Q:\STATIONS\TL\800a\2015\Misc)
  10. Press Download
  11. Confirm .WAD files transferred to proper location
  12. To erase .WAD files, select all appropriate (e.g., 800A0806.15) and press Format
  13. When completed, press yellow power button to turn unit off and disconnect unit from computer
  14. In Windows Explorer, navigate to folder (e.g., Q:\STATIONS\TL\800a\2015\Misc), select file (e.g., 800A0806.15.WAD) and rename using SiteMonthDayYear format (e.g., 800a080615.WAD)
  15. In FlowTracker, press Open a FlowTracker file, navigate to newly named .WAD file and press Open
  16. Press Printer button, print first page and attach to front sheet from site visit

SonTek FlowTracker – Operate Equipment

  1. Press yellow power button to turn unit on
  2. Press Enter to get to main menu
  3. To begin a measurement, press 3 (Start Data Run)
  4. Press 1 (Name), input name using SiteMonthDay format (e.g., 800A0806) and press Enter  **this represents a change from the normal naming convention because the FlowTracker only allows 8 characters for the site name – this will be corrected later during the data transfer phase**
  5. Press 2 (Extension), input the two-digit year (e.g., 15) and press Enter
  6. Press 9 (Accept name)
  7. On next screen, press 1 (Site), input name using SiteMonthDayYear format (e.g., 800A080615) and press Enter
  8. Press 2 (Operator), input  initials of hydrographer (e.g., TL) and press Enter
  9. Press 9 (Start)
  10. On next screen, press Enter
  11. Place meter in water away from obstacles and press 1 (Run Test) to perform the Automatic QC Test
  12. If starting transect at Right Edge of Water, press 4 (REW/LEW) to toggle to REW
  13. Press Set Location, input tagline distance at edge of water (usually right side) and press Enter
  14. Press Set Depth, input depth reading (usually 0) and press Enter
  15. Move to first vertical, input tagline distance and depth using steps 13 and 14
  16. Set meter to 0.6 depth of vertical and press Measure
  17. Review error messages and press Enter to move to next
  18. When error messages are complete, Press 1 (Accept) to move to next vertical
  19. Repeat steps 15 – 18 for each vertical along remainder of cross-section
  20. When finishing edge of water is reached, press 1 (End Section) twice
  21. Review error messages and press Enter to move to next; press 1 (Accept) to move to QC screen
  22. Press Enter to move to discharge calculation screen
  23. Presss (Calculate Discharge) twice
  24. To save measurement, press 0
  25. Press yellow power button to turn unit off