Hydrological Services ML1 – Download Data

ML1 data loggers are attached to TB3 tipping rainfall buckets at most sites. Please refer to this for further details on maintenance of TB3 units while downloading data from ML1s.

  1. Remove three screws from bottom of TB3 and remove circular enclosure
  2. Remove black cap from ML1 and connect to laptop via RS232 serial cable
  3. Open WinComLog
  4. Select appropriate COM port and baud rate (usually, this is COM1 at 9600 for hardwired connection, but will be different if connecting to ML1 via Bluetooth (see this)
  5. Once connection is made, press Status to display parameters
  6. Make note of time and date if different from that on laptop
  7. Tip rainfall bucket to verify connection and to establish beginning of site visit, Time/Date/Value are displayed
  8. To download data, press Start Capture and then CSV-1program_wincomlog_labeled1
  9. Navigate to data folder on field laptop and enter name in SiteMonthDayYear format (e.g., 194a081715)program_wincomlog_labeled2
  10. Press Dump Rain, Would you like to plot this data? is displayed, press No
  11. Once data download is complete, verify file in selected data folder on field laptop
  12. Return to WinComLog and press Stop Capture
  13. Enter PASSWD=BOMM to access ML1memory
  14. To clear data, enter CLR and verify by pressing Status button (rainfall total should be reset)
  15. If appropriate, set time and date to match that of field laptop using TA function
  16. Tip rainfall bucket to mark end of site visitprogram_wincomlog_labeled3
  17. Perform field maintenance on TB3 as described here