Hydrolynx 5096 – Upgrade to ALERT2

The following are the basic steps required to set up a 5096 A2 transmitter.  These steps are for rain and stream sites only:

  • Upgrading 5096 Transmitter hardware (adding ALERT2 board and new radio)
  • Adding additional components to site
    • GPS antenna
    • Polyphaser
    • Solar Panel (if site does not have adequate power already)
  • Programming 5096
  • Novastar5 needs to have new ALERT2 point added (Scott will do this)

Equipment Needed

  • Laptop with RS-232 cable
  • Drill with 3/16”, 1/4” and 1/2” bits and hole saws
  • GPS antenna, mount, hardware and cable
  • Polyphaser with mount hardware and cable
  • Upgraded ALERT2 5096
  • 21 amp-hr battery
  • Wattmeter
  • Scanner
  • ALERT2 field decoder
  • Spare antenna
  • Spare cables and cable fittings (N-type connectors, BNC connectors, adapters)

Common Commands

  • SET-STAID – Sets the station id. For Ventura County, this is the station number (e.g., 188, but with a “20” prefix: 20188)
  • SET-RF – Adjusts the parameters for the radio (Maxon 125E-v2 is inverted (1), all other radios (0))
  • SET-TDMA – Used to program frame length, offset and delay of TDMA transmissions
  • SET-EV – Used to adjust parameters for Event sensors
  • SET-A2 – Sends all previously programmed parameters to the ALERT 2 board


  • Attach antenna or dummy load to antenna port before the 5096 is powered up
  • Attach GPS
  • Connect Power