JBS AquaCalc Pro+ – Operate Equipment

  1. To turn unit on, press On/Off
  2. To start a new measurement, press the 2 (Sections) key
  3. Select a blank section by pressing appropriate numbered key
  4. Press the New softkey
  5. To enter new Site ID, press 1 (SID), enter name in SiteMonthDayYear format (e.g., 776a072015) and press Enter
  6. To change meter type, press 3 (Meter), select proper meter (default is Standard so make sure to switch to Pygmy, if applicable)
  7. Press Enter to get to beginning of measurement
  8. Water Edge appears on screen. Press (Distance) to input tagline distance at edge of water (usually right side) and press Enter
  9. Press New Vertical, input tagline stationing and press Enter
  10. Press 6 (Stream Depth), input depth reading and press Enter
  11. Set meter to 0.6 depth of vertical and press Measure on keypad (Time will start counting upwards and then reset after first revolution is recorded; Time will stop counting after first revolution beyond 40 seconds)
  12. Repeat steps 9 – 11 for each vertical along remainder of cross-section
  13. When finishing edge of water is reached, press New Vertical and then Enter
  14. Press Edge, which will automatically default depth to 0
  15. To save measurement, press Menu
  16. To turn unit off, press On/Off