WaterLOG H-350XL/H-500XL – Transfer Data

Stream data downloaded from equipment in the field should ideally be transferred immediately from temporary media (e.g., USB key) to a folder on the laptop, and should be stored in the SiteMonthDayYear format (e.g., 800a080615).

    1. Locate appropriate file on laptop and transfer to station folder on network drive (e.g., Q:\STATIONS\TL\800A\2015\Misc)
    2. Open Hydstra and select from the menu tree: Programs by Function > Hydstra/TS – Time Series > Hydstra Data Management > HYDMWB – Data Managers Workbench.
    3. Press the Open folder icon or select File > Open
    4. In the Open Time Series Sites dialog box that opens, enter the site number in general format (e.g., 800) and click the Lookup Site button
    5. Select the specific site (e.g., 800A) that appears in the dialog box and then press OK
    6. Press OK in the Open Time Series dialog box
    7. Single-click the site icon that has an A at the end (e.g., 800A A) and the select File > Copy
    8. In the Select Work File dialog box that opens, Select B as the New DataSource and then press OK; a new file icon is placed on the workbench (e.g., 800A B)
    9. Select File > Import Data and navigate to appropriate file on the network drive, as described in step 1, and then press Open
    10. Press Finish in the Import Data dialog box and close the event log that appears in Hydstra Explorer; a new file icon is placed on the workbench (e.g., 800A C)
    11. Drag the C file to the B file and release
    12. In the dialog box, select the Resolve Overlaps: Split blocks if necessary, preserving the C file radio button and press OK
    13. Double-click the B file to open the Work File dialog box (the end date of the 232.00 variable should be modified to match the date and time of the site visit)program_hydstra_maxgap
    14. Double-click variable 232.00, which will open the High-Resolution data set
    15. Most of the time, Gap<MaxGap (ignored) will be displayed between the previous data set and the data set most recently imported
    16. To eliminate this gap, select the block of data immediately below this status and select Split
    17. In the Split Block dialog box, add five minutes to Split Time (e.g., 10:50:00_07/20/2015 becomes 10:55:00_07/20/2015) and press OK; this will create an additional block of time
    18. Select the new block and the one immediately above it (this should be the one that has the Gap<MaxGap (ignored) status) by shift-clicking both
    19. Select Fill Gaps and from the dialog box that opens, select the Extend Backwards (add a new point to the start of the second block) radio button and 1 Good Unedited Data from the Inserted Quality dropdown; press OK
    20. A new block is created which spans the existing blocks; both the new block and the block below now display Yes in the Modified column
    21. Close the dialog box and press Yes to save your changes and then close the Work File dialog box
    22. Finally, drag the B file to the A file and select the Merge (preserve B File data if duplicates) radio button, making sure the Delete B File option is checked
    23. Press OK and close event log that appears in Hydstra Explorer